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Terms and Conditions / and are the online booking engine of Masa Tours JLT, Dubai Company. It is an innovative, powerful and wonderfully convenient for B2B (Business to Business) business providing instant confirmation for hotels, incorporating state-of-the art technology.


The access to this program is strictly controlled by /, all the information including pictures, designs, logos, text, audio, videos contained within this website is copyright protected by respective owners. Copying, reproducing, improper use, disclosing of information is strictly prohibited. Masa Tours reserves the right to change and enhance details within the website from time to time. Such changes will be notified through the system "Terms and Conditions". and are a member of Masa Tours JLT, Dubai, which is duly registered in United Arab Emirates. and are committed to globally serve tour operators, travel agents and or any form of B2B business.


The access to this website shall imply the acceptance of the terms & conditions by the Agent; this will be an irrevocable acceptance to the conditions laid down in this website. and reserves the right at any to amend the terms and conditions at any time, such amended terms of use shall be effective upon posting on this Website. Other Also, specific terms and conditions may apply to specific content, products, materials, services or information contained on or available through this Website. Such specific terms will supersede respective conditions contained within this document. It is the responsibility of the agent to be conversant with all the updates, changes and other relevant information. / & Masa Tours JLT reserves the right to offer a login ID, password to access and are online reservation system to a travel agent, tour operator, wholesale travel company and any form of B2B business agent providing hotel and other travel components booking service. Access codes provided to the agent personally becomes the responsibility of the organization and is not allowed to be transferred or disclosed to a third party, for security reasons.


A Travel company that wishes to establish a credit line and conform to our credit terms will be provided with a credit line (Credit Limit) to access to inventories through our online reservation system and to book ground services at wholesale rates and receive instant confirmation. Once the credit line is established the Travel Company will be deemed as a "credit customer".


To provide a credit line we require a floating deposit or a bank guarantee (issued by an internationally registered bank) equivalent to the value of one month's purchases along with a complete credit application. A credit line for the value of the floating deposit or bank guarantee will be established and the Travel Company will be provided with a Supervisor login ID and password. Once the credit line has been established the agent will be notified via email in order to replenish the credit line. and reserves the right to change the access codes; it is the responsibility of the agency to manage its agents login and during the termination/resignation of an employee of the agency such access needs be deactivated to control misuse and possible liability of credit facility by the agency.


The supervisor can subsequently create, activate or suspend as many users (both internally and externally) under the same company code and credit line. The supervisor will be responsible for maintaining and monitoring the activities of all the users as the relevant travel company will be responsible for all bookings, payments and cancellations policies incurred by all users.


Cancellation and Amendment Deadline


For each service booked and confirmed the Travel Company will be provided with a cancellation or amendment deadline along with any cancellation charges that would apply if cancelled after the deadline. To avoid cancellation or amendment penalties, the confirmed travel component should be cancelled or amended before the date and time specified on the cancellation and amendment deadline. .. If cancelled or amended after given deadline one night charge or 100% cancellation charge for entire stay will be applied depending on each hotel's cancellation policy.


The travel company will be required to contact our reservation department in writing if a booking is to be amended or cancelled after the check in date. . When a hotel booking is cancelled after the cancellation deadline the status of the booking will change to cancel in the "status" and will be confirmed by email.


When details of the cancellation penalty are not specified; it is the responsibility of the Agent to obtain clarification from and prior to making bookings. The failure by Masayours-online and to exercise the cancellation period does not signify a waiver of the right to charge such cancellation charges. Before completing the booking, the user will have to agree on the terms & conditions as well as the cancellation policy of the hotel. The user can view the cancellation policy by clicking on the link. (Quick View Offer)


Rates and Currency


All rates quoted are net and non-commissionable. Quoted Hotel Rates are per room per night basis, inclusive of all taxes and service charges, the invoices, payments and all rates calculations are in US$, other currency mentioned in the system are for giving an idea about the rates in other currency, and might not be accurate 100% 


Booking Procedures for Hotels and Apartments


For each reservation a maximum of 5 rooms and up to a maximum of 30 nights per stay with a max of 15 adults can be booked online.




Hotels are classified as 5 star 4 star 3 star and 2 star. The classification is provided to us by the supplier of the hotel component and we endeavor to validate and authenticate this information. We cannot be held responsible for wrong and inaccurate information provided to us by the supplier. Images and descriptions and a list of amenities/facilities are also provided and this information is obtained from the supplier of the hotel component.


The number of guests on the booking must equate to the room category eg: single- 1 adult Double or Twin-2 adults-Triple 3 adults and quad-4 adults. Extra beds for adults and children can also be requested and the system will automatically scan the database and display hotels with room types and categories that match the search criteria of the number of occupants allowed in the room as per the request.


Rates for hotels are quoted per room, per night and may be as follows:


  • Room only RO
  • Bed and Breakfast BB
  • Half Board HB
  • Full Board FB
  • All inclusive AI



The maximum number of guests on the booking must equate to the apartment Studio-2 Adults, 1 Bedroom 2 Adults,2 Bedrooms 4 Adults,3 Bedrooms 6 adults, 4 Bedrooms 8 adults and 5 Bedrooms 10 Adults. Extra beds for adults and children can also be requested and the system will automatically scan the database and display apartments with apartment room types that match the search criteria based on the maximum number of occupants allowed in the apartment room as per the request.

Booking Procedure


All bookings via, / or by click on the agent log in o


Bookings from Allocation:


The travel company will receive immediate confirmations for travel components that are shown as available. The booking will be instantly confirmed and guaranteed to the hotel.

Bookings On Request:

A booking is considered to be on Request when our allocations are exhausted. If rooms are not available we will attempt to offer an alternative property in the same category, location and price range. When the rooms are confirmed you can view status on the screen and the system will generate an email to you accordingly.

Number of guests per room in hotels is defined in the booking inventory; child in room must be specified during booking with age limit, extra bed and meals cost are generally charged by respective hotels.

Additional night booking after departure will be treated as a new reservation.

This reservation system is only for individual reservations; bookings that appear to be group by nature will be cancelled without prior notice. If 9 rooms or more are requested it will be considered a group booking and an email request should be sent.

No shows

No shows normally attract a minimum charge of 1 night to 100% charges.

Minimum Stays

When a minimum stay is applicable during a specific period for a particular property, the system will not display a rate unless the required number of nights is requested in the relevant date field.



Aside the available voucher in the system, agents may use their own vouchers; all such vouchers should state the service provided on the voucher has to mention booking payment through / Every voucher should also indicate the Confirmation Number and a printout from the booking system.


Suppliers may refuse to accept guest when information is incomplete, inaccurate and illegible


Special notes

The Agent shall be responsible to inform their customers to obtain necessary entry visas as required along with all personal and family documentations such as passport bearing at least 6 months validity as required by the destinations visited. The customer is also responsible for his/her baggage and personal belongings throughout the stay booked with

Properties may change name or trade name from time to time; this should not constitute as a change of hotel or modification of the existing reservation made prior to this information being imparted to us and updated on our system. /  will endeavour to provide the Agent with notice of renovation works at hotels or extensions of such renovation over the planned dates as and when communicated by the respective hotels is provided. shall not be liable for such renovation works. / shall not be responsible for any accident, loss, annoyance, delay or expense due to quarantine, strikes, any other event or force of nature, failure of any other means of conveyance or change in transit or hotel service and other cause over which /  has no control. and  reserves the right to accept or decline any person as a member in a tour or to cancel or alter the tour.


Payments must be made within 15 days (or as per the ground handling agreement) from the date of invoice and before the outstanding Statement of Account and the Available Balance online.

Credit customers will have the facility to view their Outstanding Statements of Account and the Available Balance online. The statements of accounts are posted at midnight each day and the available balance is in real time.

The credit limit reflected on due invoices is available to view online and should be used accordingly.

Login ID codes provided to personnel of such agent will be the sole responsibility of the Agency. Each agency will be responsible to monitor the activities of the users for all reservations, payments and cancellation penalties..

The Agent with a Credit Line will have access to view its credit limit and balance under "Credit Limit" on the opening page after logging into the Website.

If Credit payments are not made as detailed in the"Credit Limit" above or the Travel Agents credit limit has been exceeded, the online booking facility will be automatically suspended.

To re-activate the account; payment should be made in full or our finance department should be contacted.

Credit agents who wish to pay by bank transfer have to transfer the payment to the following bank accounts and should provide the details of the invoices being settled.

We reserve the right to cancel all forward bookings if the credit limit is exceeded and payment is not made in a timely manner.


Bank Account Information

  • Beneficiary : Masa Tours
  • A/C Number : 1014707679201
  • Bank Name :EmiratesNBD
  • IBAN : AE150260001014707679201

Payment via Bank Transfer, the remitter (agent) has to be responsible for Bank fee from the remitter (agent) own country. Masa Tours JLT, Dubai in United Arab Emirates must receive full invoiced amount.



Refund requests will only be processed if received in writing within 15 days from the date the travel component was to be provided.

Refund requests for partially utilized services will not be processed unless we receive written proof from the service provider that the guest has not utilized all the services in full as specified on our final confirmation and that a refund will apply to the un-utilized services.

Under no circumstances can an agent deduct payment from an invoice either partial or in total without written approval from /

We require a period of 30 days to process any refund requests. No claims would be entertained after a refund is processed.

Liability / and Masa Tours JLT are not itself a provider of accommodation, some of the tours or services; nor does it control the third parties who provide such services in connection with arrangements offered within the booking system.

Onward Sales

Our contract for the sale of travel components is with the Travel Company. A Consumer purchasing travel components contracts with the Travel Company and not us ("Onward Sale"). The Onward Sale of travel components is the responsibility of the Travel Company. We do not accept any liability for Onward Sales to a Consumer nor do we accept liability for anything which may go wrong with a travel component. We are not responsible or liable for any dispute between a Travel Company and a Consumer arising from the Onward Sale of a travel component by the Travel Company to a Consumer. If any claim is made against us following an Onward Sale by a Travel Company, the Travel Company will indemnify us against all losses, fees, expenses and costs arising as a result of that claim. We are not liable to indemnify a Travel Company other than in relation to any personal injury or death caused by our negligence. In particular we are not liable to indemnify a Travel Company against any negligence, failing, fault or omission on the part of any supplier, owner or controller of any travel component. and  further accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by events beyond its control, where the featured properties and services in this agreement are booked by the agent and do not meet the expectations of your customers. and shall not be liable for and shall be indemnified by the agent in respect of any loss either direct or indirect third party claim suffered as a result of any incorrect or incomplete booking confirmed by the system.

Complaints and Claims

All complaints are governed by the Liability clause (above) within the system, however all complaints should be lodged immediately with the provider of the service and also lodged with who will earnestly endeavour to resolve or clarify such complaints without any liability.


All complaints should be reported immediately during guest stay, failure to do this would result in and are ignoring the complaint

In any event and should be notified of all complaints within in 15 days of the event giving rise to the complaint.

The agent shall bear full responsibility in the event the customer acts abnormally or displays antisocial behaviour. and  or its designated Service provider reserves the right to immediately cancel the customer stay and the agent will be charged for any amounts arising for the delinquent behaviour of the customer which may be subject to a claim by a third party.

Law and Jurisdiction

All disputes arising out of the aforementioned terms and conditions shall be subject to the laws and exclusive jurisdiction of United Arab Emirates.